1. So much for Kail getting a job with her degree. She's just going to keep popping out kids to try to stay relevant. Rumour has it she wants her own show...that why she hashtags all her posts Kailandthechaos and all 3 boys have their own Instagram accounts :hrmm:
  2. She’s mentioned that she wants her own show on teen mom. I don’t know why she thinks that anyone would watch it lol.
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  3. So kails GF is on the show now, even though she’s pitching hissy fits about Bri. Also I don’t know why the producers patterned her on the back for how “mature” she acted during the reunion. Bri and Javi are clearly enjoying each other’s company. Her family seems to really like him too. I’m just here for the show because you know this will blow up when it burns out.

    Leah went trick or treating is probably the most normal thing we’ve seen her doing.

    Janelle and barb really need to work together. Their family feud is really laying the groundwork for Jace to truly become a nightmare. If he doesn’t get his way he’ll just put them against each other to get it. I honestly think he’s better off with a foster family than either one of them along with a no contact order so neither one of them can influence him. He needs some serious help that neither one of them are qualified to give.

    OMG Watson is so freaking cute I die. I’m happy that aubree has cole her dad is a worthless sack of flesh and fur.
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  4. K Hulk was palyin’ y’all
    She clarified, "No, I'm going to go to the sperm bank. That would be cute. You know how Snooki and JWoww did their little show on MTV, ours could be about our pregnancy."

    Keep reaching for the stars K!
  5. :coolio::eek:
    What is going to be called?
    3 Kids and a “Journalist/ TV presenter?
    3 Kids and (cmon MTV) give me my $$
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  6. Yeah, Kail is auditioning for her new show for sure. She thinks having lesbian friends makes her oh so interesting. And of course we know she cares what Javi does because she is so controlling.
    Jenelle must have rehearsed that whole phone call with David about the therapist's visits. She sounded so sane. Poor Jace is so messed up already. I think its too late for him. Maybe he could go away to a good boarding school for high school to get away from both Barb and Jenelle. They'd never let him go though.
    Maci looks happy for a change, and she looks a lot better this season. She's not as haggard and messy as before.
    Chelsea's baby is cute, but there is no story there. Its a stretch to finish the season with this gang.
  7. OMG, now Kail is a lesbian?!? jesus christ, I feel sorry for those boys....all have different dads and now their mom likes girls......wtf?!?!
  8. Guess so, or Kail thinks its a good plot for her new comedy.
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  9. I think that's just something she orchestrated to get people talking..and then can get super defensive if anyone says anything like "there's nothing wrong with being bisexual" (which of course there's not) but Kail will use it as a storyline.
  10. Well she's got to create a SL until she can get knocked up again lol. I don't think kails a lesbian so much as a hoe who will give it up to anyone who gives her a ounce of attention. 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies pretty much confirms it. She's a equal opportunity hoe she'll take whatever she can get. I can't imagine why anyone would find her attractive her personality is so completely vial. I honestly can't even say she's a good mom, she brings an insane amount of drama into her children's lives with no regard of how it will affect them.
  11. Kail..... I honestly can't believe I used to think she had her head on straight. It is the polar opposite, girl is crazy. If she is gay or bi, it is absolutely fine - but I think she is all about her personal story and ratings. What's better than having 3 kids with 3 different dad's and drama with your ex? Becoming bi. And being shy about her girlfriend. She loves the layers it brings her story but this is all at expense of her kids. She was cruel and evil to Jo and is now trying to be BFFs with him, even having him hold her little one.

    Bri - she WANTS to start fights, she and her mom and sister. They think their storyline is fights, so that's what they do. This relationship with Javi is going to implode, so we're all just waiting around for it.

    Leah - it was REALLY nice to see her having a nice time with her girls and getting along with Jeremy. Aren't they hooking up or back together? I just like that she seems to be doing well.

    Chelsea - cute little guy and Cole really is a great dad to Aubree and Watson. Those kids are lucky to have that stability.

    Janelle - Jace, unfortunately, has a very slim chance of making it out of this situation ok. The fights, the cops, the drama, it is not even close to normal. Janelle was all cool and collected talking to David and I was curious what she could have been on to make her so calm while she explained things. She has never had the best interest of Jace at heart, everything for her is about Barbara.

    I just feel for these kids. Plenty of people come from divorced homes or single parents, and that doesn't mean they are bound to have issues. It is what the adults around them do with the situation. I give so many props to Corey for doing things with Leah and their girls so well, to help them be as well-adjusted as possible. I know reality shows are a lot about the drama for views, but it's one thing if that's adults playing into it and another thing if kids are involved. These other kids are going to struggle so much understanding their life and adjusting because of this. It almost makes me want to stop watching... almost.
  12. Javi announced he and his girlfriend are having a baby (not Brianna) these guys just keep em coming.
  13. I like Javi but what is the rush? He's involved with Kail and her nuttiness and seems to be a good dad to both Isaac and lincoln even though Isaac isn't his. Can't another one wait just a few years. He's young.
    I guess the Brianna story was just for the show.
  14. I feel like Javi just likes to knock women up. He seems to really enjoy being a dad, enjoyed playing with bri's daughter he knew for all of 5 seconds. I think he liked bri but they also didn't live near each other. He also has a thing for girls who are cray cray. So he went with a local girl for his next kid. I feel like if they lived closer that bri would already be knocked up months ago.