1. Hello!
    Been awhile since I posted, kinda had to take a break because this forum is so enabling! Lol but in a super supportive positive way, so no bad feelings here! Had some job changes and had to cut back on some luxuries for awhile.
    Anyhow, I have been getting into chunky pieces, specifically silver for affordability reasons, but whats' funny is that though I love the visual impact of chunky rings, I find it difficult to layer and stack...
    I would love some tips on how to wear chunky pieces and pics are also encouraged!
    I am currently waiting on some pieces from The Great Frog, Crazy Pig Designs, and The Great Frog Paterson. It's all a bit rock and roll, but I would love to see chunky stacks and layers from any brand!
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  2. IMG_1712.jpg
  3. I have NA jewelry that's considered chunky. I stack necklaces & bracelets. I post them on the real Native American jewelry thread.
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  4. I will check that out!
  5. Love skull rings! I have a couple that look like this one. I forget the maker
  6. Your skull ring is a great size on your finger/hand.