1. Pink pointed toe with gold spikes ? What's not to love ? So Kates or Pigalle Follies ?
  2. M
  3. Actually they’re the Spikyshell flats. I feel so lucky to have gotten them. I love them.
  4. chesirepoet in 135mm.jpg
  5. Yes. You are a lucky girl indeed. Congrats.
  6. :girlsigh: Just gorgeous!!!
  7. New babies!!!! Pigalle follies 120IMG_1527485087.059582.jpg
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  8. IMG_1065.jpg
    Hi ladies! Can anyone tell me does this one runs small or not? I am a regular 36. Thanks a lot!
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  9. I’m a 36 and I have 36 in follies !
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  10. Thanks a lot!! I am waiting for the stock which will be available 3 days later. Happy that it is my size! Will show photos later!
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  11. IMG_1102.jpgIMG_1107.jpg

    I am so lucky! When the boutique was ordering my size for me on Monday it was still regular price. The shoes arrived today and when I paid they told me that it was the 2nd day of sale so it was 40% off! So I bought one more pair!

    The 2nd picture is my whole louboutin family for now :smile:.
  12. Beautiful shoes! The pink ones are so cute and the glittery ones are great, too :smile:. I don't have glitter Louboutins yet as I don't know when to wear them. I fear they would be too much for my office and I am not really a party girl.

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  13. Thanks a lot! I plan to wear the glitter ones for the evenings. And I am going to attend a wedding dinner soon so it gave me a good reason to buy it :smile:
  14. IMG_2688.jpg

    My newest addition to the louboutin family ️
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  15. The pink glitter ones look very lovely. I wonder what outfit /colour you are going to wear with them.
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