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  2. My hairstylist was taking a picture of my hair but look at what matches my hair IMG951588.jpg
  3. Wow! Your hair is gorgeous!!
  4. Thank you!
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  6. IMG_2780.jpg

    New trinity
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  7. Nice pieces !
    What size is your love? Does it cross over the ball hardware?
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  9. Today’s stack. My YG JUC with my tank watch (gifted to me from my mom - she received it when I was born in the late 1970’s). On my right hand is my plain YG LOVE.
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  10. Thank you

    My love is size 18 and the ball is medium.

    I got the T hardware as a stacking piece between my love and JUC because my JUC will actually cross over my love and causes a deep scratch already. Would really love to have gotten a size 17 RG love (I know - first world problem) when I tried it on in summer the 17 was super snug fit but now we’re in winter in Australia it seems my wrist has shrunk.

    So far it has been good and because it’s a ball shape it has been a great additional piece in between bracelets.

  11. What a beautiful stack! And what a beautiful and meaningful gift from your mother. I hope I can pass along my pieces to my daughters in the same way.
  12. 0630CE44-784F-4E24-89F8-07894219D2FE.jpeg Loving the thin pave!
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  13. A very tiny Cartier contribution :smile:
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  14. It’s stunning! Is there no way to authenticate it? 1/3 of the price seems so worth it!