1. My new Ferragamos thanks to Nordstrom’s sale!

  2. Added 3 more pairs to my collection on Wednesday as the Singapore stores were holding their sale. IMG_3493.jpg
  3. Wore these out today for the first time... and as luck would have it, there was a thunderstorm!


    Thanks for letting me share.
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  4. New pair to my collection.
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  5. Loving my new black on black varinas!IMG_3376.jpg
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  6. Has the My Joy style gone away? I realized that mine have become too gross to even post :-s but I can't find new ones on SF's website.
  7. I haven't seen them recently either... but it is my favourite stye of the ballerina flats :amuse:
  8. Got these for almost 60% off at Saks. Wore them for the first time today and received plenty of compliments from fellow Ferragamo lovers :smile:
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  9. Hi Ladies! Could you please help me? I have a few pair of ferraamo vara flats/pumps and I just bought this pair pre-loved but I haven't gotten them yet. I plan on having them authenticated but I wondered if any of you had ever seen markings like this on the sole of shoes? It seems odd to me that someone would add them if they were trying to pass off a fake as real. I think the 230 is chinese sizing (they were advertised as a US 6) but the 1.5 really confuses me! I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have, thanks! And sorry for the dirt, it's the sellers picture!