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 Art brut » by Gordon Harding - Most of us at one time or another has witnessed, what appears to be, a strange man wandering the streets of Stanstead. He certainly appears to be a peculiar individual, lost in his thoughts. On closer inspection, we discover that inside this friendly, fifty-five- year-old man lives the heart of a true artist. His name is Gordon Harding and he first came to Stanstead four years ago, from Danville, looking for a new beginning.

Gordon has a difficult time putting into words what he’s living and feeling, he suffers from a lifelong disability, making it hard for him to verbalize his thoughts. Fortunately for him, as well as us, Gordon has discovered his voice in the form of painting. He is enrolled in art classes both in Magog as well as in Stanstead.

When I sat and spoke to him about his work, he described his passion as ‘a way to express my vision and feelings about things that interest and inspire me’. His interest varies from Roman history to North American natives and a wide spectrum in between. Speaking freely about his hopes and dreams and what his beliefs are. ‘It’s my imagination that feeds my need to put on canvas these ideas and feelings’. Gordon has found a satisfaction in his art that has given him a sense of pride and accomplishment.

He has a small but loyal group of supporters who display his work and encourage his success. When asked about where he prefers to paint he says “I love to paint anywhere, except when it’s too cold outside. I don’t need a studio to paint in; I paint in class, my room, really anywhere”. Gordon, a believer in eternal life, smiled when I suggested to him that his work will still be alive one hundred years from now.

A number of months ago, I had an opportunity to visit an exposition of Gordon’s work. A prolific painter, the scope of his work is so varied and detailed; he easily entices the viewer to share his imagination. Drawing inspiration from the world around him, Gordon finds a ‘quiet peace’ when he’s painting.  Alone with his imagination and thoughts, he’s able to produce his art in a most pleasing manner. Feeling comfortable and supported, Gordon enjoys the serene lifestyle he has found in Stanstead; it’s one of his motivations.

Next time you see Gordon, on one of his walks around town, he may appear lost, lost in thought and imagination about his world and how he can put it on canvas. Speaking our mind and being heard is the fulfilment everybody desires, to feel a part of our world. Gordon has not only found an ear, he has also, happily, found our eyes and our hearts.


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